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Householde and Design

G-LINE PRO is a collection of design items and accessories in polished or brushed stainless steel, painted steel or aluminium intended for the professional use in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, communities and at home. First choice raw materials, luxury finishings and advanced technological solutions are the hallmarks of our production, which has been distributed for many years all over the world. Our items are eco-friendly, are made of recyclable materials and meet the sanitary requirements of the food and health care fields, as they are:

- washable;

- disinfectable;

- fireproof.

Moreover, in order to comply with the most rigorous hygienic requirements and to avoid the contact with the hands of the operators, most of our dustbins are provided with a pedal-operated opening.

G-LINE PRO is a brand owned by Graepel Italian, leader since 1967 in the fields of perforated and pressed metal sheets, grilles and safety gratings, household accessories, small furniture.

Shape and design, studied by our staff, make our items so peculiar that they can be examined and appreciated more than their basic function, thus making G-LINE not a mere metter of utility, but also a real melting between substance and form.

GRAEPEL HIGH TECH offers the best, with a production of more quality and aesthetic profile. The excellence of stainless steel, the great design and the scrupulous accuracy of the finishings are the hallmarks of every creation GRAEPEL.

The advanced manufacturing process is characterized by strong vertical integration that allows you to create customized products at very competitive prices.

Different styles, time future, now modern, now on the thread of memory, witness an uninterrupted creative search, allowing you to make choices, adhering to each personal way of life.

A long meditated simplicity, for an ever greater livability and increasingly wide possibilities of composition.

Advanced integration with modern architecture and technology that are part of it, together with a close collaboration with established designers (Pepe Tanzi, Marc Sadler) will make the industry more and more space in the markets GRAEPEL conquer.

A perfectly ergonomic and tasteful frame  in stainless steel. It is available in the following versions: chair, small armchair , armchair, stool, chaise longue.

Seat and back are in stainless steel strewn with countersunk holes simulating water drops.

All the products are light and easily stackable, even the armchair and the chaise longue.

This collection features some tables (stackable and non-stackable) with different dimensions and shapes (round and square).

By choosing the right finishing these pieces of furniture can be used outdoor as well.


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